• Alone in the Star

    One day, you receive a notification.
    “You are chosen as a representative fighter of the Earth.”

    A war by one-by-one duel between the Earth and the planet De’Voc has begun!
    By Article 13 of the Galaxy Law, a winner will be decided by one-by-one duel by randomly selected represantative fighters.

    A loser must subordinate to a winner.

    You don’t have special skills, but all human’s destiny is up to you.

    Encourage yourself, and defeat a fighter of the planet De’Voc.
    You cannot escape from this war.

    Action Game
    For 1 Player
    Play Time: 15-20 mins
    100 JPY (in your currency). There is item sales, too.

  • TV Friends

This is an application to chat with people who are watching the same TV program.  In addition, avatars, votinf system, and playing sound effects functions are implemented to support enjoying shared TV watching.

Please check TV Friends’ Web Site for more information.
You can download the application from here.